Originally from Perth, Australia and living in Bali since October 2012, Renee has over 18 years experience in the fashion industry. Renee's passion for makeup began during her career as a fashion model.


Learning tips and tricks, with hands on learning from personal experiences and finally receiving formal training, Renee specialises in Wedding, Fashion, Beauty and Special Occasion makeup.


Combining her expert knowledge with your inspirations proves Renee's versatility and professionalism is bound to achieve a look that complements the individual and highlights the natural beauty of her clients.


If you're looking for a professional, experienced makeup artist - weather it be for your wedding or a fashion shoot - magazine or advertising campaign - someone who understands your personal needs as well as having a keen understanding of the latest trends, please click -contact 

About Renee Pettit

Magazine photo shoot, BALI

Fashion Show, BALI

Wedding BALI

Wedding BALI

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Wedding BALI

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